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A-F Betafood Supports the Liver

As we focus on men’s health we must address the liver and its relationship with cholesterol. The most recent cholesterol standards have resulted in a rapid increase in statin drug prescriptions. The rise in statin prescriptions with their multiple associated side effects is also leading people to seek out more natural options to avoid the medication. One of the best approaches is to act proactively and begin addressing your liver’s health early.  Monitoring your lipid levels is great way to be aware of your body’s ability to breakdown fats or “lipids.” The liver is the organ that makes lipid breakdown possible. Standard Process has a nutritional supplement, AF Betafood, that supports the liver and aids in fat digestion. This supplement is often recommended for people that no longer have a gall bladder, people suffering digestive irregularities, and people trying to achieve improved lipid levels. Below is more information on how AF Betafood can help you.  If you are interested in discussing your nutritional status and want to find out how you can fuel your body to function at its best, ask about scheduling an appointment with Dr. Amanda today!

A-F Betafood uses an array of ingredients, including beet juice, which is a natural source of betaine, to support healthy fat digestion.
  • Supports normal processing of dietary fats, for cholesterol-metabolism support
  • Supports healthy bowel functioning
  • Supports bile production in the liver and healthy bile flow in the gallbladder
  • Helps maintain healthy levels of fat in the liver
  • High in antioxidant vitamin C