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Body Logic Services

We believe each patient and client is an individual person with individual needs and goals for their physical and emotional well-being. We believe that understanding each person individually is essential to provide the most appropriate and highest level of care.

The mission of Body Logic is to provide a healthy, comfortable, healing environment for the Virginia Beach community. The integration of chiropractic care, massage therapy, and nutritional support offers clients and patients various opportunities to reach their
personal health goals.


The primary goal of chiropractic care is to restore and maintain the proper movement to all the joints of the body, including the spine and the extremities. This restoration of joint function reduces irritation to the nervous system, decreases pain, promotes muscle relaxation, improves range of motion and mobility, and allows for better performance of the body as a whole.

By allowing the body to function better, chiropractic adjustments can enhance the body’s natural ability to heal itself from injury and illness. It allows the joints to receive and utilize nutrients better, reduces muscle spasms and tension, and reduces pain, allowing patients to be more comfortable while healing faster.

Maintaining good joint mechanics can also reduce the risk of future injury by reducing the strain on the body during activity.

Chiropractic patients often experience less pain, better sleep quality, improved energy levels, and have an easier time performing the tasks of everyday life.


The doctors at Body Logic often use non-synthetic, whole-food nutritional supplements in combination with chiropractic care and therapeutic massage to get patients feeling better faster. With the hectic lifestyle of today’s society, we often eat what is fast and convenient, but unfortunately that doesn’t always provide all the nutrients our body needs to operate at maximum capacity.

High-quality nutritional supplements can be used to fill some gaps in nutrient demands, feeding and fueling our bodies more completely to better handle the demands of our hectic lives.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy involves treating the muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia, and connective tissues. It increases circulation and improves the efficiency of the lymphatic system, which enables the body to eliminate trapped toxins and metabolic byproducts of injury to enhance recovery and improve the overall wellness of the body.

Different massage methods are used by the massage therapist depending on the individual’s needs and goals for the massage. Whether you are looking to relax and de-stress, keep your body in shape while training for an athletic event, or manage chronic conditions such as low back pain, massage therapy is a great addition to your life.

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