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Sports Chiropractic in Virginia Beach

Sports chiropractic addresses the unique physical demands of athletics and competition, and the toll they take on the body. Athletes have different goals and physical needs than the rest of the population, and the doctors at Body Logic work with all types of athletes to accomplish these goals. This includes the full spectrum of recovery from injury, restoring and retraining proper biomechanics to enhance performance, and prevention of injury by maintaining proper joint and muscle function.

chiropractor adjusting a patients neck

Problems We Can Address

Athletes with any of the following may benefit from chiropractic care:

  • joint pain
  • tendonitis
  • muscle strains
  • joint sprains
  • chronic “knots” in the muscles
  • plantar fasciitis
  • tight IT band
  • impingement syndromes

What Types of Athletes Can Benefit?

Athletes of all ages, shapes and sizes can benefit from chiropractic! Body Logic treats each patient as the individual they are. We provide care to runners, CrossFit athletes, high school student athletes, NCAA athletes, professional athletes, amateurs and recreation league participants, and children involved in youth sports.

Whether you are competing at an elite level or just starting an exercise program, we can help you physically and mentally accomplish anything you set out to do.

What Are Some Benefits of Sports Chiropractic?

  • reduced pain and stiffness
  • improved range of motion
  • better biomechanics
  • more efficient movement patterns
  • less compensation along the kinetic chain
  • faster recovery from workouts/competition
  • improved core strength
  • better balance and flexibility
  • reduced risk of injury

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