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Poor Posture Treatment in Virginia Beach

checking girls spine postureFrom texting and doomscrolling to hunching over workstations it’s no wonder that poor posture is so prevalent. Whether you’re a student, someone who works at a desk job, or simply spend a lot of time sitting and using electronic devices, it’s essential to recognize the impact that poor posture can have on your health.

Reduced Lung Capacity & Increased Pain

Poor posture not only looks bad but slouching forward can have detrimental effects on your overall health. It decreases lung capacity, so you’re not getting as much oxygen intake, and changes the way the joint mechanics move, which impacts the nervous system.

Over time, bad posture causes significant changes to your body’s center of gravity, resulting in a hunched-over posture commonly associated with elderly individuals. This not only affects physical appearance but also limits our ability to look ahead confidently.

One of the most prominent symptoms of poor posture is neck pain. Every inch that your head is in front of your shoulders increases tension, creating a pronounced increase in the force that neck muscles have to produce. This leads to increased muscle tension in the top of the shoulders, resulting in neck pain and potential headaches.

man looking down using mobile phone

How Chiropractic Can Help

Long periods of poor posture often lead to joint fixation, making it challenging to correct your posture naturally. Chiropractic adjustments can help restore movement in the joints, making it easier for you to maintain good posture. Additionally, our chiropractors incorporate stretches and exercises into their treatment plans to alleviate muscle tightness and strengthen the weakened muscles caused by poor posture.

Even if a patient isn’t coming in specifically for postural issues, after an adjustment, a lot of people will express that they feel taller, or think they just grew an inch! “If we’re able to free up that joint motion, from being stuck hunched over to being able to extend fully, you do get slightly taller because you’re standing up straighter,” said Dr. Scott.

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Making Ergonomic Changes

In addition to chiropractic care, making simple ergonomic changes daily can promote better posture. If you work in an office setting, ensure your spine is well supported by using a good chair. Position your keyboard and monitor correctly to maintain a neutral posture. When using mobile devices, find ways to hold them up at eye level to prevent looking down for extended periods.

Correcting Poor Posture in Young People

With many kids and teens afflicted with the modern-day malady of “tech neck,” it’s crucial to address poor posture at a younger age. Teenagers and young students often exhibit a specific type of poor posture characterized by rounded spines and feet out in front. By promoting awareness and actively working to counteract these habits, we can prevent long-term posture problems that become harder to correct as we age.

Toting too heavy backpacks or wearing them incorrectly can also affect posture. Wearing both straps of the backpack and ensuring it is positioned high and tight on the back can distribute weight more evenly, reducing strain on the shoulders and promoting better posture.

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