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Treatment for Back Pain During Pregnancy in Virginia Beach

pregnant woman on edge of bedWhile pregnancy is a remarkable and exciting time in a woman’s life, it’s often accompanied by various aches and pains, particularly back discomfort. This common prenatal complaint stems from several physical changes that occur relatively quickly.

One major factor is the significant increase in blood volume, which doubles to support both the mother and the developing baby. This can lead to muscle cramping and general fatigue due to dehydration if adequate water intake is not maintained.

Hormonal changes also play a crucial role, especially the hormone relaxin, which loosens ligaments in the pelvis to prepare for childbirth. This increased flexibility, while necessary, can cause instability and discomfort in the pelvic and lumbar regions.

Physical Changes and Their Impact

The physical changes in a woman’s body, such as weight gain and an expanding abdomen, shift the body’s center of gravity, impacting balance and posture. This can lead to lumbar spine pain, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, and even pubic symphysis pain.

Additionally, women with a shorter stature may experience more pronounced muscle tension and balance issues as their growing belly alters movement patterns and increases strain on the back and hips. Furthermore, breast size changes to accommodate milk production can lead to neck and upper back discomfort, often accompanied by headaches due to both musculoskeletal stress and changes in circulation.

Chiropractic Techniques & Lifestyle Recommendations

Chiropractic care offers significant relief from back pain during pregnancy by restoring proper movement patterns and alleviating tension in muscles and joints. Adjustments help manage the body’s response to increased relaxin levels, reduce nerve irritation caused by swelling, and improve overall mobility.

We offer adjusting techniques such as Diversified, Drop Table, and Activator that are adapted to each woman’s needs to ensure comfort and effectiveness.

Chiropractic techniques like lumbar traction and flexion-distraction can also be particularly soothing, as they counteract the increased arching of the lower back that occurs during pregnancy. Specialized tables with abdominal drop-out sections allow pregnant women to lie face down comfortably, providing much-needed relief.

While electric stimulation is contraindicated during pregnancy, other methods, such as Kinesiology Tape, can offer support for the lumbar spine and pelvis and even help manage conditions like diastasis recti.

Our chiropractors also provide lifestyle recommendations, such as the proper use of a physioball, sleeping positions, and home care methods, which are essential for managing pain and promoting well-being during pregnancy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How early in my pregnancy can I start seeing a chiropractor?

You can start chiropractic care as soon as you find out you’re pregnant. Our chiropractors recommend starting care in the first trimester to better alleviate aches and pains as your body changes throughout pregnancy.

Is chiropractic care safe for Mom and Baby?

Yes! Prenatal chiropractic care is safe and has no contraindications. If you are a mom who has never been adjusted before, we take a conservative approach to ensure your comfort.

Take the First Step Toward Relief

If you’re experiencing back pain (or other types of discomfort) during pregnancy, consider chiropractic care for effective relief. Our experienced practitioners at Body Logic are here to support you through every stage of your pregnancy, offering personalized care to ensure your comfort and well-being.

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