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Benefits of Citrus Essential Oils

During the summer time we love citrus scents! We diffuse citrus blends in our office. One of our favorites is Citrus Bliss and Balance. Some of the benefits of this blend include cleansing and purifying the air, promoting a sense of relaxation, easing anxious feelings, reducing stress, and uplifting mood.

Citrus oils come from the rind of different fruits. You can take them internally (as long as it is labeled for internal use), add a blend to a roller ball to use topically, or put them in your diffuser! If used topically make sure the area is not exposed to sunlight for 12 hours due to sensitivities.

The top 5 benefits of Citrus oils are:

Immune System Support: Citrus oils can help fight against germs. Avoid the summer colds and add some citrus essential oils to your diffuser, roller ball blend, or to your water. Click here to see the benefits of Lemon, and how to add some to your next glass of water!

Boost your Energy Levels: Diffuse in your home or office to give yourself a boost during the long summer days.

Uplift moods: When oils are diffused they work on the chemical balance in the brain which helps to enhance your mood and better control emotions.

Household cleaning: Most citrus oils are very versatile and can be used for cleaning anything from bathrooms, kitchen countertops, and even putting a few drops of the oil into water to soak fresh fruits and veggies Click here to view the cleaning spray recipe!

Natural Air Freshener: You will see this in our bathrooms! If you add a few drops of your favorite citrus oil to a small glass spray bottle, or reuse a doTERRA bottle and add a spray topper like we did, fill the rest with water and wa-la! Natural air freshener! Here is a blend to try Citrus Burst Spray