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Body Logic Massage Membership Program

You probably already know that we have an amazing staff of talented massage therapists her at Body Logic. But did you know, that we have an amazing massage membership program as well?

Getting regular massages has a myriad of different health benefits, such as pain relief, stress management, management of emotional disorders, digestive support, and much, much more. Much like with chiropractic care, maintenance is crucial. Staying on top of getting regular massages puts you in a much better position to experience less pain, have a reduced chance of injury, and for your entire body to remain in good function.

So, how does a massage membership help? Here are some benefits to the program.

Cost- Members enjoy a lower price on their monthly massage and any other massages that month when paid for with cash or check.

Accountability- We know that life is busy… Members get preferred scheduling and reminder calls to ensure that they get an appointment each month.

Convenience- The cost of the massage is drafted each month so you don’t have to worry about payment at check out.

Flexibility- Although we recommend continuing the program for your health, there is no penalty to cancel or freeze a month. We only ask for a 3 month commitment when you first sign up.

For more information visit our website or to join the program, come in and visit our front desk staff and we will be happy to take care of you!