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Chiropractic and Massage: A Perfect Match

canstockphoto4331506What chiropractic care is for the joints, massage therapy is to the muscles. Regular adjustments help to keep the structure of the body in place and to free restrictions. But what do you do if the restrictions are cause by the muscles constantly pulling things out of alignment? We’ve all been there. We’ve all felt like we were hunched over from being on a computer all day or gotten off of a long trip on an air plane and maintained that level of stiffness and discomfort for a few days. Now, take a moment and envision how your posture ways when you were all stiff and tightened. I can guarantee that you were not as straight or moving as freely as you would like.

When muscles become tight, they lose their ability to move as freely or stretch as long as they should, resulting in a tense, and shortened state for that muscle or muscled group. However, that muscle is still attached in one way or another to the skeletal structure. This tension results in discomfort and often misalignment as the structure is pulled by the tension of the muscle fibers.

This is where massage and bodywork play a crucial role in maintaining the body’s function. If a muscle remains tightened, then the joints stand no chance in being able to perform their best. It also makes it so that chiropractic adjustments become undone quicker. Massage can help restore balance to the muscles and retrain the body to relax. So, massage doesn’t just feel good at the time, it actually helps you to feel better and your body perform better over time.