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Cooking with Essential Oils During the Holidays

The holiday season is a magical time filled with new smells and flavors for us to explore. However, we don’t always have ready access to many of the spices that bring that magic to our favorite holiday dishes. Fortunately, using essential oils is a healthy and flavor packed way to duplicate those elements of our favorite recipes. Using essential oils is a convenient option because they store for much longer than the fresh version and are jam packed with flavor. It is important to note that less is always more when it comes to cooking with essential oils. Start small by dipping a toothpick into the essential oil and stirring it in to water or a sauce until you know what oils are most potent in each dish.

The following flavors are commonly used in holiday recipes and can easily be supplemented with the use of essential oils.

Rosemary – This herbaceous flavor is prevalent in many holiday dishes. Using it in essential oil format not only gives amazing flavor, but also boosts its power to aid the body with digestion.

Thyme – Having thyme essential oil on hand in the kitchen will not just prove to be helpful in cooking, but in cleaning as well. Thyme oil is one of the best essential oils for cleaning due to its powerful cleansing properties making holiday clean up a matter of adding a few drops to a spray bottle of water.

Cinnamon – This may seem like a common one, but many people don’t know how powerful it really is. When ingested, cinnamon helps with metabolism and digestive health.

Clove – Like cinnamon, clove is also a warming oil. It has long been associated with aiding in tooth pain; however, its smell is always associated with the warmth of fall holidays and delicious pumpkin pie.

Ginger – This oil is a delicious addition to holiday recipes. It is especially useful too as  a very popular “tummy tamer” helping to ease indigestion and provide relief from excess gas. This makes ginger a very common addition to many holiday meals.


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