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Defense Against the Stresses

As “allergy season” continues to plague the Hampton Roads area we’re taking a look at two products that can potentially boost your immune system. Everyone’s body has a different reaction to seasonal, environmental, and dietary stressors.  Some of us need a little extra help! Taking daily or as needed, these nutritional supplements can support healthy liver and respiratory function as well as to help maintain proper pH balance. Proper pH balance will be discussed in a future article as it is a frequently asked question!


One of our favorite products, Allerplex, is a source of nutrients including th1000allerplexe following: vitamin A and C, Calcium, Magnesium, Fenugreek, and much more! These nutrients work together to support the body’s natural ability to manage a mucosal environment (think about your nose, throat, etc.) and support healthy liver and lung function. This product can be taken immediately after exposure to an allergen, environmental or dietary, to soften the body’s reaction. Additional ingredients aid in the body’s natural inflammatory or histamine response. This product can also be taken long term to support the body’s response to stress.


Standard Process’ Cal-Amo is a great resource of essential minerals Calcium, Chloride, and Magnesium. These compounds support a proper acid/alkaline balance. Having a proper balance supports respiratory function, which is often susceptible to distress with different allergic or immune responses. While the body is fighting or recovering from an immune response, Cal-Amo can be taken daily with the intent to reduce the severity of symptoms and provide an environment better equipped to handle additional stressors!


If you’re interested in more information about these or any Standard Process products, please don’t hesitate to contact our office. A nutrition consult with Dr. Amanda might be just what you need!