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Empowering Your Health During Pregnancy

Body Logic is beaming with pride as we are growing our family by not just one, but two new babies. I am thrilled to be joining Whitney as we go through our second pregnancies together. We have a lot of challenges ahead of us as our bodies adapt to the many physical changes of pregnancy. There’s no better place to go through this than our office!

We both feel a second pregnancy is a whole new world, even though we’ve been through this once before. Many women and doctors agree that every pregnancy is different, but it’s fascinating how quickly the body remembers the physical changes… the baby bump shows itself more quickly, the fatigue is intense, and the absent-mindedness is frustrating! I have been quickly reminded that taking good care of ourselves is essential to not only the baby’s health and well-being, but our own. Here are a few tips that we use to keep ourselves feeling good and excited about the growth of our Body Logic family:

  1. Rest. It is essential to respect the body’s needs during pregnancy. The overwhelming feeling of “sleepy” is related to elevated progesterone levels. Additionally, the body is increasing it’s blood volume to support the needs of the baby. And, let’s not forget, the body’s busy growing and developing the baby. It’s so important for a pregnant woman to keep this in mind to avoid frustration and angst over the extreme changes the body is experiencing. It’s important to provide the body with the rest it needs to do such important work during the early stages of pregnancy.
  2. Proper Nutrition. Often women are hindered by a variety challenges, the most common including food aversions, food cravings, heartburn and constipation. It is essential that good choices are made throughout the entire pregnancy. Proper protein intake, enough vitamin and mineral exposure, and limitations in sugar intake are just three areas that deserve some focus. When dietary intake is limited healthy nutrient supplementation can be a great option to ensure adequate nutrition throughout pregnancy. We highly recommended the Standard Process brand that we carry in our office as they are well-regulated and safe for pregnancy.
  3. Exercise.  Exercise should be a part of every pregnancy to help the health of the mother and the baby. Exercise supports appropriate weight gain and manage blood glucose levels which can significantly reduce the risk of gestational diabetes. Physical activity also promotes endorphin release, our feel-good hormones. This can be especially helpful for expecting mothers to work through the emotional ups and downs often experienced during pregnancy.
  4. Chiropractic Care and Massage.  It is estimated that 50-80% of women will experience low back pain during pregnancy. The changes experienced by the body over 9 months can be overwhelming. Chiropractic care can be a very helpful tool and treatment can alleviate pain, maintain mobility, and reduce the risk of complications during labor. Click here to read a previous article written about the physical changes of pregnancy.

We look forward to going through our journey together with you and our Body Logic family. If you know someone that pregnant or is wishing to conceive, we would love to help them through their journey!