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Essential Oils for Arthritis

Arthritis is something that a good majority of people experience in some capacity at some point in their life. There are various types of arthritis but what it boils down to is an inflammation of the joint (or joints). Common arthritis joint symptoms include swelling, pain, stiffness and decreased range of motion. There are various factors that contribute to arthritis such as genetics, nutrition, injuries, and more. There are various methods to treating arthritis as well; however, one way that many people don’t think of to provide relief from the symptoms of arthritis is in using essential oils.

Many of us have used topical muscle/joint rubs and creams to help relieve pain. However, many of them smell unpleasant and contain chemicals that we don’t necessarily want to be absorbing into the body. Essential oils are a natural and often more effective way to help support a healthier musculoskeletal system with less aches and pains. Here are some great oils that you can mix a few drops into some natural lotion or massage oil to rub into arthritic joints for relief!

Boswellia serrata, or more commonly referred to as Frankincense, has been revered throughout history for its powerful healing properties. Known as the “King of Oils,” it affects the body on a cellular level to support healthy cell function and to reduce inflammation in the body. For this reason, it is a wonderful combatant against the inflammation associated with arthritis. A few drops in the bath tub or even applied directly and massaged into the joint of concern can help promote joint health.

This one is another great oil for inflammation of the joints that also helps with muscle pain. Often the body tends to compensate for cranky joints by tensing up the muscles which can create more soreness. Adding a few drops of lemongrass to a few cups of Epsom salts for a nice soak can help alleviate the pain from both the muscles and the joints.

This oil is great for helping to get fluid moving in the body. When joints are swollen and fluid is building up there, it is important to get the swelling down to restore function and mobility in the joint. Adding a few drops of rosemary essential oil to your favorite massage oil or fractionated coconut oil and using to massage into the affected joint is a great way to help your body process the build up of fluid better.

Inflammation is hot and peppermint is cooling. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, it really is that simple. To take away some of that heat in your joint, add a few drops of peppermint to your favorite natural lotion or cream and rub into the affected muscles and joint for nearly instant relief and comfort.
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