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Essential Oils for Back to School

These essential oils will help your little learners do better in school and help your sanity in the process!
Peppermint & Wild Orange – This is a very powerful combo to help with getting everyone awake, out of bed, and to the bus stop on time. This is a great duo to diffuse in your kitchen every morning to get everyone alert and focused while getting ready for the day.
Rosemary – This oil is great for uplifting mood and helping with brain function. A few drops can be added to your children’s shampoo (added bonus- it helps hair look shinier and healthier, too!) or it can be diffused while studying to help improve memory and cognitive function.
doTERRA’s “Focus” Blend – This essential oil is a blend of amyris, patchouli, frankincense, lime, ylang ylang, sandalwood, Roman chamomile essential oils, carefully selected for their ability to enhance focus and support healthy thought processes. Many of these oils contain high levels of sesquiterpenes, which have been proven to pass the blood-brain barrier to reach the cells of the brain. It comes in a convenient rollerball that you can use to apply to pulse points (like wrists and behind the ears) and can help your learner focus throughout the day.
Lemon – Lemon is another uplifting citrus oil that helps keep the brain alert and focused. It pairs well with Rosemary, so you can make a roller bottle with Rosemary and Lemon and apply to the back of the neck or diffuse this powerful duo before school.