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Essential Oils and Emotions

rosemary We all know that the scent of essential oils can make us happy just by the beauty of their smell. However, what many don’t know is that there is a scientific reason why pleasing smells make us feel a certain way. When we breathe in the scent of essential oils, we are actually breathing in the molecules of the plants themselves. Since these molecules are naturally based, just like we humans are, the molecules of the plant are something that our brain can recognize. Then, much like the proper key in a lock, those molecules can link up via the hypothalamus and directly impact the emotional side of our brains.

So, how can this be of a benefit to us? Well, there is always a time where we would likedownload to feel a little bit happier or a little less tired or even a bit more motivated. After a long and stressful day, diffusing some lavender will help you to feel calmer and more stress-free. If you are studying for exams and need a pick me up to feel less tired, smelling the oil of peppermint will give you the boost you need to stay alert. A general feeling of being down in the dumps can be lifted by smelling the combination of bergamot and lime.

With a little bit of knowledge, essential oils can be used to help you control your emotions and ‘program’ your brain to be happier and healthier!