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Essential Oils for Men

We don’t always think of essential oils for men. But truth be told, there is no reason why men should avoid essential oils. In fact, throughout history, men have used oils as a way to fragrantly anoint their bodies, frankincense and myrrh were presented as gifts in the Bible, and plant medicine was the only form of medicine for thousands of years.

So why don’t men use essential oils as much as women? Most likely it is due to marketing. Many women’s health and beauty products have included essential oils for both fragrance and skin conditioning for years. But both sexes can benefit from the aromatherapy and skin benefits of these oils and more and more companies are realizing this. Some men mention that essential oils are too flowery, however, there are many masculine oils that are woodsy or resin based that both smell amazing and have great therapeutic properties.

Looking to try something new? Here are some great essential oils for men.

  • Vetiver- This oil has been the underlying bassnote for countless colognes throughout history so it is a natural transition for many men wanting to start using essential oils. Vetiver’s aromatic properties have therapeutic benefits of reliving stress, grounding emotions, and alleviating anxiety. As an added side result, it can also promote great sleep.
  • Cedarwood- Also a very heavy, masculine oil, cedarwood has some amazing benefits when applied topically. This oil makes a great choice for scalp massage as it can assist with the regrowth of hair. It is also great for skin irritations as it is nourishing and anti fungal.
  • Frankincense- Frankincense has long been called the “King of Oils” as it has a large amount of therapeutic benefits. Not only does it smell fantastic as a cologne, but it also is great at relieving inflammation. Adding a few drops to a massage oil or included in a bath can help to soothe aches and pains in the joints and muscles.
  • Sandalwood- A very warming and woodsy smell, sandalwood is a great oil for everyone to use in a diffuser. It helps provide a sense of clarity and has long been used in meditation and prayer. It is also used medicinally in a diffuser to act as an expectorant to help promote good respiratory function.


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