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Essential Oils for Musculoskeletal Health

When most people think of essential oils, they think about the beautiful smells and how they can help with respiration and relaxation. But, essential oils are way more than just that. These powerful oils have many properties that can help with promoting a healthy musculoskeletal system as well. Since these oils come from nature and have no synthetic properties, the body recognizes them immediately as something helpful that can provide fast acting, long lasting benefits.

Many musculoskeletal issues can be aided by essential oils with the following natural properties:

  • Anti-Inflammatory- Inflammation is a huge factor in many discomforts in the body and your bones and muscles are no exception to the rule. Essential oils with anti-inflammatory properties can support reduced pain and swelling in arthritic joints and those impacted by recent injuries.
    • Some anti-inflammatory oils include: chamomile (German and Roman), galbanum, and lavender.
  • Anti-rheumatics- Rhematic conditions can cause havoc to joints, muscles, and even ligaments as a result of an injury or immune system disorders. Some oils have been found to help slow or reduce the symptoms of these conditions
    • Some oils that can reduce these symptoms include: angelica, coriander, and juniper.
  • Rubefacients- These oils are topical oils that can help promote blood flow locally assisting an affected area in receiving more oxygenated, nutrient rich blood which in turn promotes better healing and a reduction in inflammation.
    • Some rubefacient oils include: black pepper, ginger, and rosemary.

In our office, one of our favorite blends is Deep Blue. This is doTERRA’s pain relieving blend for muscles and joints and comes in a convenient lotion to use for resolving aches and pains naturally.

As with all essential oils, it is important to use them safely and dilute with a carrier oil such as coconut or jojoba oils prior to applying to the skin. Also, for any photosensitive oils, it is important not to apply prior to sun exposure. Be sure to read the bottle’s label or ask us if you ever have a question on the best way to use these oils for your optimum wellness.

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