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Essential Oils During Pregnancy

With many of our staff, friends, and clients expecting this season it is good to know that many essential oils are safe to use during pregnancy. In fact, many women have no idea how they could have gotten through their pregnancy without them. Essential oils can help with many of the uncomfortable aspects of pregnancy such as nausea, mood, motivation, fatigue, and even skin appearance. The main thing to remember with using essential oils during pregnancy is to start slow and listen to your body. There are no hard fast rules about oil usage but it is essential to pay attention to your body, your baby, and how the smells and tastes of the oils are being tolerated.

Here are a few of the numerous ways to help ease these discomforts and support a happier pregnancy.

  • Nausea- To help with the occasional bout of nausea/morning-sickness, take one drop of pure therapeutic grade peppermint essential oils in a glass of water. The water is important to hydrate the body and the peppermint oil helps to tame the tummy while allowing the mommy to enjoy the fresh crisp taste.
  • Rest- Being able to rest during pregnancy is often a challenge. Every wave of fear, restlessness, or discomfort is soothed by massaging a few drops of lavender essential oil in with your favorite natural lotion or crème into the bottoms of your feet prior to getting into bed. You can also add a few drops to your diffuser to allow your mind to drift off to a peaceful slumber at night.
  • Motivation- It is often a challenge to get going when you’re body’s energy is being rediverted to the growth of the baby. A citrusy oil such as Wild Orange, Bergamot, or doTERRA’s Citrus Bliss blend added into a spray bottle of water can be a delightful body mist throughout the day to help refresh the body and revitalize the low energy levels.

It is recommended to stay with oils that are lighter and cleaner in smell. Heavier oils, like patchouli or cedar, can be too overpowering for the sensitive sense of smell during pregnancy. Some women will also recommend refraining from clary sage, sage, fennel, wintergreen, and any blends containing these items as they are said to have an effect on the female organs and milk supply of new moms.

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