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Essential Oils for Winter Blues

The winter months can tend to leave some of us with a bit of the blues. Being from the land of the sun, Arizona, I find the short days of winter to be somewhat challenging. Using all of the resources at our disposal to lift our moods would, indeed, be wise! Of course, I turn to my essential oils, and you can too! The citrus Aurantium or Bitter Orange Tree gives us not just one, but two mood lifting oils- Neroli and Petitgrain. The Citrus Sinensis or Sweet Orange Tree gives us Wild Orange which is probably the most popular oil among the ones I’ll mention today.

Wild Orange oil is “generally recognized as safe” (GRAS) for human consumption by the FDA, but just remember that it is highly concentrated so one drop goes a long way. Orange oil as well as all other citrus oils are phototoxic and if you apply it to your skin and enjoy some direct sun after, you are likely to get burned. Dilute if applying to your skin, and if you plan on being outside for awhile, put the oil where your clothing would cover it.
Ways you can use orange oil today:
1)Diffuse a few drops to uplift your mood and to help purify the air
2) Put a few drops into your water to give it a lovely citrus flavor as well as boost your digestive system (Just remember to use all oils in a glass or a stainless steel container, never plastic)
3) Put a drop or two on your diffuser bracelet or necklace to enjoy the aroma throughout the day.
4) Put a drop on a cotton ball and clip it to your air vents to freshen up any space
5) A diluted drop to the wrists are a great way to be able to smell it throughout the day, and allow it to get into your body to help calm anxious feelings and boost the mood!

Neroli is probably one of my favorite scents. I have loved passing by orange groves in the spring because the orange blossom have such a great scent. Well, now DoTerra offers Neroli in a roll on bottle. Straight Neroli oil can be very expensive because of the amount of flowers it takes to make a drop of oil. The diluted Neroli oil is perfect to carry around and apply to your wrists and inner arms all day for that emotional boost! It can also be applied to most areas of your skin to work at the cell level to help shed old skin cells and stimulate new cell growth, which can help with fine lines and wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, etc. Smelling Neroli may help strengthen and stabilize the emotions and bring relief to many. It encourages confidence, courage, joy, and peace!

Last but not least is Petitgrain. Doing research for this article had me add petitgrain to my home oil collection. It had flown under the radar because of my love for Neroli, but not anymore!! This has a wonderful aroma and so many powerful benefits. It is known to be uplifting and stimulating. So some people enjoy smelling it to stimulate the mind and refresh the senses.
Ways you can use Petitgrain oil are:
1) Apply a to your wrists for emotional support
2) Put a drop in your shampoo and it can help with overly greasy hair
3) Apply diluted petitgrain in your underarms can help with odor and perspiration.
4) Diffuse to spread the benefits throughout your home/office.