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Essentials for Intimate Moments

It is February, and when I sat down to think of what oils you may be interested in learning more about I kept coming back to the oils that may help make your Valentine’s Day extra special. Let me preface this with a few things. 1) I am going to be covering these topics with a broad overview, so it shouldn’t be too risqué for anybody. 2) Essential oils, like all more natural remedies, are not a one and done, silver bullet type of thing. They need consistent use so that the small amount you use will be able to support your body for the long term. 3) For pregnant women there must be given great care in using oils that can affect the hormones. Since many of the oils I’m going to share with you do support the hormones, pregnant women should avoid the use of these. 4) The oils listed below are great for both men and women, so don’t let the floral scents scare you!  Individually we’re all so different chemically, the oils support us each differently, so enjoy the information below and have fun playing around with different variations to see what supports you the best!

It is fun to see that the use of fragrances are already associated with Valentine’s Day! We have bouquets, colognes, and perfumes that are often purchased as either gifts or to make you smell delightful for your Valentine. The scents from many of these are contained in the in the oils I’ll mention today. Oils often suggested for low libido are Rose, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Clary Sage, and of course, the oil that seems to support your body for just about everything- Lavender! Who needs the newest “Ode to Love” perfume when we have these oils at our fingertips? We’ll smell good AND enjoy the added benefits that the oils provide.

Rose oil is often listed as an aphrodisiac, but better than just the intoxicating scent, rose provides support for your skin and helps with emotional support on many fronts. Rose is a pricier oil for good reason, it takes about 60 roses to get a single drop of Rose oil, that is 5 dozen roses!!! That is some precious oil right there! Diluted is the best way to go with Rose oil for cost alone, and then you can get the benefit of rose on a larger area of your skin as you apply the diluted oil.

Jasmine is another precious oil, because it takes many flowers to get a little oil. Jasmine can give emotional and hormonal support. In many religious traditions Jasmine symbolizes hope, happiness, and love. As we learn more about oils and the specific ways they support us, we realize that traditional uses for oils have now been found by scientific studies to be more than just old wives tales. This little flower packs a big punch on many fronts and can be a great addition to your oil collection.

Ylang Ylang is yet again another flower, surprise surprise! If you check many blends Ylang Ylang is in them because of its wide variety of uses, Ylang Ylang supports you emotionally, cardiovascularly, and hormonally. Each of those body systems being built up can help support you in some of your favorite bedroom activities.

Sandalwood can be the fragrance that many people enjoy wearing for scent alone, but even more than any oil listed above, sandalwood supports many body systems.  Sandalwood can support emotions, muscles, bones, the nervous system, and last but never least, your skin. Some cultures consider Sandalwood to be sacred, which should remind us of how lucky we are to have access to such wonderful precious bounty every day!

Clary Sage is very much known to be a great hormonal support for women. This is one of the places you can look for answers in dealing with hormones for libido support. Clary Sage is a great place to start. ClaryCalm is a blend offered for women to help in monthly ups and downs. It is not directly related to libido, but offers support and could be beneficial to you.

What can one say about Lavender other than lavender can support just about every body system and could be a great first oil for those just starting out with essential oils.  It is known to support the cardiovascular and nervous systems, balance emotions, and support the skin. I often try Lavender first, just for ease and availability.

Whew! That was such a brief fly over on each of those oils, but it all leads to this; if you purchased each of these oils individually you’d spend more money and you’d have to work hard to get the right balance of all these oils to your best benefit. So the joys of working with a company like doTERRA is that they have given us some amazing blends that make getting oils like Rose and Jasmine not only attainable, but with other oils that make them benefit our bodies in very complete ways!

Passion is a blend that contains quite a few oils, but two of them are Jasmine and Sandalwood. As you can tell by the name of the blend this oil can help you find your passion for many things in life, including activities mentioned already today.

Whisper is an amazing blend that contains Sandalwood, Rose, Jasmine, and Ylang Ylang! Those oils mixed with a few other oils is said to create a different scent when mixed with each individual’s chemistry. They suggest it for women, and the idea of wearing a perfume that can support your body seems to be the best of both worlds! This blend is also amazingly affordable considering the cost of the individual oils contained in each bottle.

Console is a blend that was created to help support your body emotionally, bringing you comfort, and helping to put you on a hopeful path. This blend contains Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, and Rose, of course, other oils as well.

I enjoy searching out oil blends containing individual oils that I can’t afford to have on my shelf. That way I have access to these wonderful oils. These are just a few of the oils and oil blends out there to support you for this Valentine’s Day. If you are wanting more information on the topic there is a great little book that gives lots of recipes and goes into quite a bit more detail. It is called  “Lucy Libido Says… There’s an Oil for That!” Some of the oil blends mentioned in the book are put out by a different oil company, but that doesn’t mean that the information isn’t useful for all of us.