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Experiencing a Positive Pregnancy through Movement

By: Dr. Amanda Meyers-Kuper

Women experience many physical changes throughout life.  The female body is capable of adapting to life’s big events such as pregnancy.  I experienced that first hand throughout my pregnancy with our little Abigail.  It was an amazing experience and an educational one as I went through the process as doctor and as patient for nine months.

Throughout pregnancy the body goes through different phases as it prepares for birth.  The woman must gain weight, slow at first then progressively faster toward the end.  With the increase in weight, the mother must adapt her sitting and standing posture as well as her walking gait.  The pelvis tilts forward and there is an increase in low back extension, placing an increased amount of pressure in the low back.  Muscles in the hips, pelvis and low back must work together to support the postural changes and increased weight.  Having weekly chiropractic adjustments allowed my body to adapt to the changes more easily and without causing significant aches and pains.low-back-pregnant--edited

Another physical response the body must adapt to is a significant increase in blood and fluid volume.  These increases are essential for the support of the growing baby and the mother’s body demands to maintain its own health throughout pregnancy.  Chiropractic adjustments are used to improve joint function throughout the spine and extremities.  Maintaining joint mobility promotoes better biomechanics as the body changes.  With additional fluid, mobility and movement are essential for preventing swelling and edema.  Pre-natal massage can also be beneficial to improve circulation.  The massage therapists can use specific techniques to assist in blood flow and help swelling often experienced in the legs, hands, and feet.

Receiving regular chiropractic adjustments and pre-natal massages allowed me to progress through my pregnancy with minimal complaints.  I treated patients just two days before Abby’s due date.  Having a physically demanding job I found that simply maintaining activity to be most favorable for having a positive, healthy experience.

I have had the recent pleasure of treating three patients throughout their pregnancies.  The first new mother had her baby in early August of 2014; the second welcomed her baby during just before Thanksgiving; and the third is due in the beginning of January 2015.  Each of the pregnancies have been successful including healthy weight gain for both mother and baby as well as incredible physical responses by the mothers to the changes of pregnancy.  Treatment post-partum has been an effective tool to assist in the recovery after having a baby.  It takes nine months to prepare the body to have a baby and merely weeks for the body to return to pre-pregnancy physiologic state.  Additionally, chiropractic care can help alleviate typical aches and pains associated with breastfeeding and the trials of infancy.    I look forward to starting with another patient as she is a new mom in her first trimester.  Each time a new life is created it is an exciting time.

If you or someone you know is looking to experience a healthy approach to pregnancy, let Body Logic be your support to creating an environment optimal for both mother and baby.