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Female Endocrine Health

Let’s celebrate women!!  The good, the bad, and the things that we don’t want to talk about.  Yes, I’m referencing menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause.  Women are unique from men as we have significantly more chemical changes throughout our lifespan.  Hormones and enzymatic processes can take over us and result in physical changes that are less than to be desired… cramping, weight gain, and low libido just to name a few.  That may sound overwhelming, but there’s good news!  YOU have some control over it and how you allow it to affect your overall well-being.  Here’s a little insight:

Fuel your body with the right foods by loading up on the veggies and protein!  Vegetables are a great source of nutrients and fiber which can only help women as we often battle constipation.  Protein, specifically animal protein, helps to balance our blood sugar levels.  Women tend to be very sensitive to sugar and, unfortunately, we often become addicted to sugar.  When we eat high doses of carbohydrates, including fruit, our blood sugar goes through the roof.  The body must respond by releasing high levels of insulin which often cause a significant drop in blood sugar levels.  And the roller coaster ride begins causing us to crave sweets.  Break the cycle now, or stop it before it even starts, by making sure the majority of your plate is vegetables and protein.

Avoid soy-based products!  Soybeans have relatively high levels of protein which is often sought out by the vegetarian and vegan community.  Unfortunately, the long term health effects that result from consuming large quantities of soy outweigh the benefit of the protein intake.  Excessive soy intake has been linked to improper thyroid function as well as estrogen imbalance linked to infertility.  There are plenty of other sources of protein in other legumes, nuts, and even pumpkin seeds.  Keep your soy intake to a minimum please!

Let us help!  Through nutritional counseling I have helped women for many reasons including weight loss, improved energy, and even infertility.  Through the combination of dietary changes as well as nutritional supplementation we see many positive results.  This month we are celebrating women by focusing on Standard Process’ Daily Fundamentals- General Female Endocrine packets.  These convenience packets are taken in the morning and evening with a focus on the endocrine system from the starting point in the brain to the organs affected by hormone release.  They also provide support for general health and well-being.  Through whole food vitamins and nutrition, take some of the pressure of you and let Body Logic and nature help!