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Fun Facts of December

Did You Know…


December 4 is International Free Hugs Day. The hugs are meant to be random act of kindness, a selfless act performed just to make others feel better. Give all your loved ones hugs this day.

gingerbread house

The spice-filled structure was made with 1,800 pounds of butter, 7,200 eggs, 225 gallons of molasses, 7,200 pounds of flour and close to 3,000 pounds of brown sugar. Combined with the massive amounts of candy, the house totals 36 million calories.

jingle bells

One of the most popular Christmas carols was written for a DIFFERENT holiday?? Well, it’s the truth. James Pierpont composed “Jingle Bells” in 1857 for a Thanksgiving program at a church in Boston! There, Pierpont taught Sunday school and this tune was easy for his students to memorize and perform. The tune was such a hit that the children were requested again at Christmas, the holiday with which it would be forever associated.