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Fun Nutrition Facts

You are what you eat… Right? We’ve heard this for many years, but in this fast paced world sometimes good nutrition seems like a challenge. We are here to help with some facts about nutrition that will get you thinking about some simple ideas to get you thinking about how small nutrition changes can make a huge impact on your overall health.

The Eyes Have It

Did you know that what you eat plays a part in your vision? To keep your eyes at their best, add spinach, salmon, or sardines to your grocery list.



Vitamin C. It’s Berry Good!

Don’t like oranges? Well, believe it or not, strawberries are a better alternative when looking to get your vitamin C. 8 medium berries (approximately 1 cup) has over 150% of your daily vitamin C intake.



This is Just Nuts

A handful of these nuts can make an impact as they contain plant sterols which help absorb bad cholesterol. Making them a go to snack can help you turn your cholesterol numbers around.


Got the Blues?

Not only are blueberries rich in fiber and vitamin C, they’re good for your heart. Pterostilbene, an antioxidant found in the berries, has been found to lower blood pressure.


Cheer Up with Chocolate

Chocolate has many positive effects from antioxidants to anti-inflammatory properties. But, did you know it also has been proven to help your mood? Chocolate consumption leads to an increase in endorphins and therefore a lift in the spirits.