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General Health- Daily Fundamentals

Food for thought…

Soil is a Living Substance- from Going Back To The Basics Of Human Health, By Mary Frost.

“Soil is the basis of all life.  The plants that grow in soil are at the lowest end of the food chain and they in turn become food for animals at the next level of the food chain.  These animals are then the food supply for humans at the highest end of the chain. 

William Albrecht, PhD, Professor of Soils at the University of Missouri found that he could cure the disease undulant fever in livestock and humans simply by adding trace minerals to the soil in which their food was grown (Henry Ford’s only son Edsel died from undulant fever).  ‘When we see a symptom in the plant, it will always correlate to a poison or deficiency in the soil: when we see disease in the human, it will relate to a poison or deficiency in the food.’

Dr. Albrecht’s studies in the 1950s proved beyond a doubt that plants can appear healthy but have low quantities of nutrients.  He also proved that the health of a plant is its own protection against insects.  When a plant is healthy it has no need for pesticides whatsoever.  

The early nutritionists and Dr. Albrecht were adamant that mineral deficient soil is one of the original sources of disease in the world today. ‘Simply stated, food crops grown on depleted soil produce malnourished bodies, and disease preys on malnourished bodies.'” 

We speak with patients often about possible nutrient deficiencies that may be associated with their health and conditions leading them to seek treatment.  Sadly, due to farming practices over the last 50-75 years, our soil is not rich with nutrients like it once was when our ancestors were reaping the benefits of good quality fruits and vegetables.  In fact, over the last 40 years the life expectancy of the United States is ranking further and further down the list compared to other industrialized countries.  Check out the graph provided in a Washington Post 2013 article.  The article focuses on the US health care system and its possible flaws.  However, in my opinion, one of the biggest reasons for our declining status- nutrient deficiency and its relationship with disease.  You may think you have an extremely healthy diet, possibly even eating Paleo and removing processed foods from the diet.  Unfortunately, you are most likely still missing out on some of the key minerals that are essential for optimal body functioning.  This is not by any fault of your own, but the lack of nutrients in your foods.

How can we help?  Through conversation and investigation Body Logic can help you determine what your nutrient needs may be.  We have complex protocols to help even the most difficult of cases or simple protocols if you’re just looking for a little boost in your health and nutrient intake. For the month of August we are promoting the Standard Process: General Health Daily Fundamentals.  Each convenience pack contains multi-vitamin, multi-mineral, and Omega 3 oil supplements that are made from whole food sources that are easily recognized and readily absorbed by the body to provide foundational maintenance support to help patients maintain optimal health.  Ask about our special pricing for the month of August and give your body a chance to enjoy the nutrients it deserves!

By: Dr. Amanda Meyers-Kuper