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Glucosamine Synergy

According to a 2008 study published in the American Journal of Public Health, dog owners are 57-77% more physically active than those people not owning a dog.  It was proposed that encouraging more dog walking may increase the overall physical activity of the community1.

As health care providers, we frequently promote increasing physical activity to improve range of motion, increase blood flow to the muscles, and increase strength.  For some patients, old and young, arthritis or other joint conditions may limit the ability to be as physically active as desired.  When pain levels are just too high or the joints are just too stiff, the physical activity usually doesn’t happen.  Unfortunately, when the person misses out of the physical activity, the dog does too. And there’s something about those puppy dog eyes looking up at you that just breaks your heart!

Let us help!  Besides offering massage therapy or chiropractic care, we have a supplement that can provide the components needed for the body to move easier with less pain. Standard Process’ Glucosamine Synergy is designed to support and encourage healthy joint function. The ingredients support cartilage growth, provide nutrients for connective tissue and joint health, and have natural anti-inflammatory properties help relieve discomfort in affected areas.  When combined with quality water intake and other healthy lifestyle choices, the improvements in mobility can be amazing.

With the addition of Glucosamine Synergy into a daily regimen, not only does the owner feel better, but the dog benefits from the increased activity! Dogs make great workout partners and can provide much needed companionship.  Give that love back by freeing yourself to be more active without pain.  Call or visit the office today to find out about our special pricing for Glucosamine Synergy throughout the month of September.

  1. Hayley Cutt, BSc, Billie Giles-Corti, PhD, Matthew Knuiman, PhD, Anna Timperio, PhD, and Fiona Bull, PhD. Understanding Dog Owners’ Increased Levels of Physical Activity: Results From RESIDE. Am J Public Health. 2008 January; 98(1): 66-69.

By: Dr. Amanda Meyers-Kuper