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The Importance of Self Care

Here we are, into the second month of the new year, and I can guarantee most of you who started your get fit mission, or New Year’s Resolution quest, have already hung up your weight lifting gloves and spin shoes!

Why might you ask does this happen, EVERY YEAR! Statistically speaking, approximately 90% of us who have a goal for the New Year, give up by the end of the first month.

So, what’s the solution? We all need to take a new approach. We need to define our health and well being as something other than a New Year’s goal!

How do we do that, where do we begin?
According to Ellen Bard, Author of the article, 45 Simple Self-Care Practices for a Healthy Mind, Body, and Soul Self-Care is not a One-Time Deal!
She states, “The strep throat was a harsh reminder that self-care isn’t something you do once and check off the list. It’s the constant repetition of many tiny habits, which together soothe you and make sure you’re at your optimum—emotionally, physically, and mentally.” She also states, “The best way to do this is to implement tiny self-care habits every day, to regularly include in your life a little bit of love and attention for your own body, mind, and soul.”
There are many ways to incorporate self care practices into your life. Here are just a few strategies that can get you started and keep you functioning well, and ready for life’s challenges..
• Eat Healthy and Mindfully
• Get Enough Sleep
• Exercise (Get out there and move)
• Make Time for Stillness Regularly (Learn to Meditate)
• Express Gratitude
• Maintain Social Community
• Unplug (Limit the use of all electronics/tech equipment)
• Create Joyful Rituals
• Forgive Yourself/others
• Go for a walk in Nature

Let’s do this together! Are you ready?
Take a deep breathe, and exhale…
All you have to do is start!
Choose as many from the list as you want or all of them and commit to them for a period of time. See how that makes you feel and adjust from there.
Incorporating self-care into your daily routine is a positive first step toward finding and maintaining balance!