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Chiropractic Care and Military

military-logosPracticing in Virginia Beach has allowed us the opportunity to serve our military and their healthcare needs. Recent research shows that there is a high prevalence of both acute and chronic episodes of low back pain due to high levels of physical activity. In fact, a study of 15,268 active duty military personnel concluded that back conditions had the greatest cumulative risk of disability. There are multiple studies that are currently being conducted to determine the best treatment protocols for such conditions. Preliminary results are indicating that chiropractic care is at the top of the list for effective management. This is great news! However, there is very little availability for covered chiropractic care in the military.

Although, Tricare claims coverage is available, it is only available at their locations where chiropractors are employed. If you look up chiropractic care coverage through Tricare’s website you’ll see that there are only 4 locations in the state of Virginia where chiropractic care is available for coverage for our active duty and veteran members. Luckily one of the locations is Portsmouth Naval Hospital; however, it can be quite difficult to get scheduled in a timely manner and challenging to make the drive from Virginia Beach. It should also be noted that dependents are not included in the coverage. We frequently receive phone calls inquiry about Tricare coverage for chiropractic. It is challenging to explain to patients that we can not submit to Tricare through our office. The American Chiropractic Association continues to lobby on Capitol Hill for more coverage. While we wait to see progress being made, Body Logic is here to help!

Both Dr. Amanda and Dr. Scott had the unique opportunity to intern at the Buffalo VA Medical Center while completing their doctorates. Serving veterans was both rewarding and educational. It also created a passion for serving those who serve us. On average Body Logic sees patients and clients that are active duty, reservists, or veterans on a daily basis. Patient activities range from standing on steel decks, flying at high velocities, hand-to-hand combat, or sitting at computers monitoring our safety.  The mental and physical stresses that our military face can be devastating to the musculoskeletal system. We treat acute sprain/strain conditions as well as degenerative changes that include herniated discs. With the integration of therapeutic massage we can treat both the skeletal and muscular systems which has a positive effect on the nervous system. By lowering stress through improved mobility and reduced pain levels our military patients and clients are able to be more effective and productive at work. It is extremely satisfying to serve our military as they serve us.

We provide discounted rates for our patients that have to pay at the time of service due to lack of insurance coverage, such as the case for our military. Don’t let cost discourage you! Body Logic is here to help you get the care and treatment you need to continue working at the highest capacity. It is our honor and we thank you for your service.