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Major Announcement!

There are a lot of BIG announcements this month for Body Logic- each one creating life-changing adventures for our staff!

  • Babies are on the way!! – It has been challenging keeping this one a secret and we couldn’t do it for a moment longer! Dr. Amanda and Dr. Scott… AND Whitney are expecting! Whitney is due the end of July and Dr. Amanda’s due date is the beginning of September. We are excited to see our Body Logic family growing once again!
  • New adventures in new states- Denise will be packing up in a few short weeks and moving to Carolina to start her new adventures. Her last day with us will be the 23rd…and if you happen to take a peek at her finger, you may just see a pretty new diamond ring! We wish her all the best as she starts her new life with her love in a new state.
  • New adventures in the same state- Maggie has opened up a new business that has quickly taken off and is adding another skill set to her toolbox by beginning to study professional makeup artistry. We say goodbye to her in early March, but expect her to visit often!
  • A new addition to the crew- We welcome JoEllen to our staff as our new Office Manager. She is a Knotts Island native with experience and a degree in Healthcare Administration. We encourage you to introduce yourself and get to know her as she will be a major contributor to Body Logic as we continue to grow and evolve. She is a welcomed new addition to the Body Logic Family!!

We are so excited to share these new happenings with everyone! Congratulations to everyone and cheers an amazing 2017!