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Massage-Chiropractic Connection

by Maggie Davis

08312016_2Massage has always been a huge part of what we do here. We are not just a chiropractor’s office with a massage therapist on the staff. We are a team of therapists and doctors working together to promote the optimum wellness for you.

Massage is literally the foundation of the practice. When Body Logic began in 2006, it was formed as a massage therapy clinic. In 2009, chiropractic and nutrition was added to the practice and Body Logic began to truly take on the form that we see today. At Body Logic, the muscles play just as big of a role as the alignment of the joints. Therefore, massage is part of the treatment program for many people whether it is for tension of the muscles or the emotional component behind the pain. This results in the chiropractic treatments being much more effective and the patient/client feeling lightyears better.

As many here know, before coming on board as the Office Manager, I spent my first year 08222016_1here as a massage therapist. When I first started working with Dr. Amanda and Dr. Scott, I quickly realized just how important they saw massage therapy and what an integral role that it played in their treatment plans for their patients. In all the years that I have done bodywork, communication between therapist and doctor has been a very disjointed venture with much of the information being relayed from the therapist to the doctor and vice versa through the patient and this was if the doctor was willing to consider massage for the patient/client at all. The information often came in a few words or muscle names written on a post-it note or a client trying to remember what anatomical terms the doctor used in discussing treatment with them.

08222016_4So, to give you a little ‘behind the scenes’ look into the realm of the massage-chiropractic connection at Body Logic, here is some insight. Everyone who is seen here has a file regarding their treatment. What makes things different as far as the treatment and level of care is that the file is the same for massage and chiropractic. The doctors can look at the therapists’ notes and vice versa. We are also able to make notes and recommendations for the other side to see. Ok, so I know what you’re saying- “what does that do for ME?” Well, the simple answer is- A LOT. This level of communication between all members of your wellness team means that the doctors and the therapists are looking at your body and your treatment plan in terms of your whole body and not just as the parts that hurt or the areas of anatomy they specialize in. It is not uncommon here for your doctor and your massage therapist to actually speak before and after treatment about your care and what each are seeing or feeling while working with you.08222016_3

I could go on and on for days about what an amazing team of doctors and therapists we have here. However, most of you reading this probably already know this. So, what is important for me to share with you is how amazing and unique the massage-chiropractic connection is here and how Body Logic’s approach to using both to help people ‘move better, feel better, live better’ sets this practice apart from any place I have ever had the pleasure of doing massage. As we gear up to move into our new space in the coming weeks, we are excited for all the ways that we can work as a team to help you, your family, and our community feel the very best.