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Massage for Exercise

Are you new to the exercise world? Are you a regular at the gym? Or are you an accomplished marathon runner? It doesn’t matter which category you fall under, you all have something in common… you need a massage! There are many benefits that come from exercise including improved circulation, increased strength and endurance, and weight loss or health maintenance. Those benefits are accompanied with the expected aches and pains that come with challenging the body. Massage can enhance the benefits while decreasing the soreness.

When we challenge muscle through cardiovascular exercise or weight-lifting, we actually breakdown the muscle tissue on a microscopic level. As the muscle heals, it builds stronger and bigger muscle fibers if enough protein is available. (NOTE: protein is essential in the diet to provide the building blocks for muscle development). The initial breakdown of the muscle tissue and the toxins released in the process can leave us feeling sore. Massage can help loosen up the muscles, flush out the toxins, and help us recover faster from exercise. If you have long-term goals like running your first 5K or qualifying for the Boston Marathon, incorporating regular massage into your schedule can help you achieve your goals with less pain along the way!

We often recommend exercise to improve circulation and mobility, but it can also make our muscles feel tighter. Developing increased muscle tone is important for building strength and supporting proper posture. If you’re new to exercise, you can become frustrated by this new “tight” feeling because it can initially limit your range of motion and seemingly reduce your flexibility. Although massage doesn’t replace stretching, it can certainly help prevent the additional stiffness and tightness that results from exercise. If you are a competitive athlete or just stepping up your exercise game, our sports massage might be the best choice for you since it incorporates stretching during your session.

Keeping up with an exercise regimen can be challenging and stressful on your daily schedule. Luckily, exercise that lasts greater than 20-30 minutes has the magical ability to release endorphins within the body. Endorphins are the hormones that are released from within the brain and nervous system, and they activate the body’s opiate receptors which provide a “feel good effect.” This is helpful to keep you motivated to workout… you are not only proud of yourself for getting to the gym before or after work, but you are also happier! Interestingly, massage has the ability to release endorphins too, which is another way it helps manage the muscle soreness associated with exercise. Enjoy the mental and physical rewards of your hard work and schedule a massage today!