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Nectarine Salad Bento Box



I had the opportunity to visit a local farmer’s market so I was inspired to make a creative salad. I first layered some chopped green leaf lettuce in the bottom of my Easylunchboxes container. I really let the compartment judge the portion for me. I added blanched green beans, chopped heirloom cherry tomatoes, Perdue Chicken shortcuts and sliced grilled nectarine. The nectarine was grilled with the previous night’s dinner and the green beans were leftover from that meal as well. I added Late July Organics Dude Ranch Chips, sliced cheese and one strawberry filled with a chocolate fruit dip (Nutella and greek yogurt mix). I used a bit of lettuce to hold the strawberry in place but threw it in the salad when I ate so no waste! The filled strawberry may not be a good option if you cannot keep your lunchbox up straight or to keep it simple just add sliced strawberries no filling. Don’t forget a dressing! I served with a Rosemary Balsamic Vinaigrette (not pictured).

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