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New Classes Added!

All classes are FREE and open to the public, so bring a friend! They are held at Body Logic in the evening from 6-7pm on the prospective dates. Register by clicking the name of the class, or call our office at (757) 427-0355!

                                                              Upcoming Classes

March 23- The Importance of Strong Hips
• Dr. Scott and Brian, from Anytime Fitness, will be teaching on the importance of strong hips and giving us tips on how to prevent hip pain

April 10- Standard Process 101
• Jeannine from Standard Process will be here to discuss the importance of whole food supplements

April 24- How and Why I Should Be Foam Rolling
• Dr. Scott will be discussing the importance of foam rolling and how it can help relieve pain

May 8- Change Habits, Change Lives for Summer
• Jeannine will be joining us again to help us start our summer out healthy with the Standard Process 21-day Purification Program

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