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Nutrient Support For Your Joints

In our office we see a variety of ailments walk through the door that have the common theme of muscle or joint pain.  As chiropractors and massage therapists, we do our part to address these complaints by finding the source of pain and improving function to the area by reducing nerve irritation, increasing range of motion, or preventing the next flare up.  Did you know that you can take it a step further and support your musculoskeletal system from the inside out?  Providing the joints with specific nutrients can reduce recovery time by reducing inflammation and promoting healing.  Below is a brief description of products by Standard Process that make a difference.  When combined with chiropractic care and therapeutic massage, these nutritional supplements can help alleviate the daily aches and pains or even help your golf game by promoting greater movement within the joints.  Give your body a chance to function its best today!  Ask us about special pricing for these products throughout the month of March.

ligaplexISupport for Injury and Strenuous Activity:  LIGAPLEX I*

  • Contains Buckwheat which supports the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response, especially in the case of intermittent strenuous activity
  • Provides acute muscle and ligament support
  • Supports bone growth and the synthesis of cartilage
  • Supports normal connective tissue repair and synthesis


ligaplexIISupport for Overall Joint Health:  LIGAPLEX II*

  • Provides the foundation of nutrients needed to feed the musculoskeletal system and support improved joint mobility
  • Involved in the maintenance of healthy fluid levels, helping manage inflammation within the joints
  • Contains Manganese which supports and provides ligament integrity
  • Contains nutritional yeast and B-complex vitamins to support the natural repair process


glucosaminesynergySupport of Joint Health… and then some: GLUCOSAMINE SYNERGY*

  • Contains many of the same ingredients as Ligaplex II with the added benefit of:
  • Glucoasmine sulfate- helps reduce pain associated with osteoarthritis (*derived from crab shells)
  • Boswellia serrata- helps reduce pain and increase mobility within the joints

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.