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Nutrition and Lifestyle Testimonials

“During my adjustment sessions Dr. Amanda listened while I talked about my concerns regarding my glucose numbers on my blood work. She suggested I try the blood sugar cleanse. That was the beginning of my dietary changes. I also began taking Livaplex and Gastro-fiber supplements. I stopped taking the statin, increased my exercise and with the positive encouragement from Dr. Amanda, I lost weight, my blood work (glucose and cholesterol) were within normal range and my back pain was gone. The supplements coupled with the support from Dr. Amanda have made an amazing difference in my health and well-being.”–B.K


“I am a firm believer in the healthy benefits of of the 21 day Purification and the 10 day Blood Sugar Programs.With the assistance and tutilage of Drs. Amanda and Scott I achieved remarkable results with these programs. Starting out with the Blood Sugar Program then converting to the 21 Day Purification I dramatically improved my overall wellness and healthiness with less aches and pains from inflammation and more energy. My health statistics also reflected the improvement.

Cholesterol dropped almost twenty points.
Blood sugar (Serum Glucose) from pre diabetes levels in the low 120s to 103.
Weight loss was about 25 pounds.

We continue to eat based on the healthier lifestyle we learned and are maintaining most to these great stats.Give it a try and you will reap the benefits.”–R.S.


“I am a very healthy man of 60, but I have a genetic propensity to have high cholestrol. A recent reading indicated it was in the mid-200s. I wasn’t concerned, but my doctor was. He was insisting that I use statin drugs, which is out of the question for me, due to the known side effects. I mentioned this to Dr. Scott. He recommended I use supplements: tuna omega, Liviplex, and Gastro-fiber. My next cholestrol test less than 6 months after starting the supplements resulted in a reading of 196. No statin drug could have accomplished this change this quickly.”–G.J.