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Pump Up Your Nutrients When Battling Stress

Stress has a big impact on your health affecting emotional balance, your endocrine system, your cardiovascular system, and overall cellular function.  According to Standard Process “Ideally, the body shouldn’t be on red alert all the time. If it is, (you) can begin to feel tired, report less restful sleep, have difficulty managing family and work interactions, and have more trouble concentrating or making decisions. In response, some (people) may sleep less or sleep excessively, lose track of their diets, disengage from social support networks, and generally feed a vicious cycle.”  The body’s nutrient levels, particularly Vitamin C and E, are depleted and lower the immune system.  Additionally, the adrenal glands, which are designed to assist the body in its ability to handle stress, become fatigued and cannot function at its highest capacity. Signs of adrenal fatigue include general fatigue and “tiredness,” feeling “off,” and having low energy.  Does this sound all too familiar?

Standard Process can help!  The whole-food supplement company has created a convenience packet of nutrients that help support the systems affected by chronic stress levels.  Continue reading below or visit for more information.  If you have any questions or have an interest in trying the Adrenal Health Daily Fundamentals, speak with Dr. Amanda or Dr. Scott today!

Adrenal Health Daily Fundamentals support healthy adrenal function and emotional balance. Each box includes a 30-day supply of individual packs (taken morning and evening). Each pack contains:

  • Drenamin® (3 tablets) supports adrenal function and helps maintain emotional balance and energy production.
  • Paraplex® (1 tablet) supports cellular health and healthy pancreas, pituitary, thyroid, and adrenal gland function.
  • Cataplex® A-C-P (2 tablets) supports cardiovascular health, immune system function, and cell maintenance.