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Root Vegetables... Dig 'Em!

At Body Logic’s Grand Opening event on October 22nd, I gave a talk about some healthy dietary habits for the upcoming fall season. One of those recommendations was to eat more root vegetables… and this is the best time of year for it. I recently prepared some veggies to have for our weekly lunches (planning ahead is key!). I took pictures to show how simple and easy it is. The colors speak highly of the nutrient content in these vegetables. Keeping in mind that November is Diabetes Awareness Month, it is important to recognize the significant health benefits of having root vegetables in our diet. Here’s a short list to consider:

  1. Healthy starches with high fiber-  Root vegetables have a very fibrous texture and contain high quantities of dietary fiber. Fiber is very important in the diet to not only support proper digestion, but to help help balance blood sugar because they are considered “slow-burning carbs.” Slower burning refers to the steady blood glucose response compared to the quick spike that a high sugar, low fiber food induces. Fiber also has also been shown to help prevent heart disease, which is something people suffering from Diabetes need to be aware of since their risk for heart disease is doubled if hypertension is present.
  2. Sources of Vitamin A and C- These anti-oxidant rich foods benefit the immune system by reducing inflammation. They also protect eye and skin health which is essential for Diabetics. The Diabetic population has a higher risk for eye problems such as glaucoma and cataracts. They often suffer from dry, itchy skin as well. Consuming high levels of anti-oxidants like Vitamins A and C have also been shown to help prevent cancer.
  3. Great weight-loss vegetables-.  With the high fiber component, root vegetables tend to help people stay satisfied for longer with less fluctuation in blood sugar levels. This is key to successful weight loss: appetite control, slows down glucose release, and generally lower in caloric value. Nutrient dense and low calorie… you can’t beat the combination!
  4. AND MORE!

Below I have a progression of pictures of the delicious batch of root vegetables I made. The directions are quite simple. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.

First, pick a variety of root vegetables! We chose turnips, sweet potatoes, rutabaga, and beets.

Second, you peel the outside layer to all of the different vegetables and cut off the ends.

Next, chop the vegetables into small cubes and mix in a large bowl. Keep in mind, for larger cubes allow for additional cooking time.

Then, toss vegetables with olive oil and any seasoning you desire! For this batch, I simply used salt and pepper.

Spread the roasted vegetables over a baking dish. Bake for 45-60 minutes stirring at 15 minute intervals. For even more flavor, I added minced garlic at the 2nd stirring.

The vegetables are done once they are softened in the center. Serve with your meat of choice (it’s great with chicken!) and pair with your choice of seasoning. Eat smart and eat well!