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The Journey


Body_Logic_Photographs-104-1024x682-300x199I write this introduction to Body Logic’s “Progression Blog” with shear excitement, nervousness, and pride.  Since I first stepped foot into the former Body Logic (March/April 2009), my dreams began to take shape. I was an eager recent graduate with the drive and motivation to help every person I put my hands on. Little did I know how quickly many lessons would be learned.

As students, we were extremely well educated to be the doctors we are today. In fact, did you know that chiropractors actually have more classroom hours than medical doctors? Did you know that our hands-on experience makes us specialists, even experts, when it comes to spinal health? But, I digress. Although we are highly educated doctors, to be blunt, we didn’t get a lick of business education! This was quickly realized as I was faced with the challenge of finding patients. After spending a couple of months trying to figure out how to market myself, grow a practice from scratch, and understand the complicated world of insurance I felt intimidated by my dreams. So, I took the pro-active approach and teamed up with the Small Business Development Center located in downtown Norfolk. My learning progressed exponentially. After my first 18 months in Body Logic, I took over the business. Thanks to the kindness and guidance of Jim Browning, former owner, and the stars aligning, I became the sole owner of the now established Body Logic Massage and Chiropractic on September 1, 2010.

I repeat, little did I know how quickly many lessons would be learned. When I first started out my original practice “Chiropractic With Care,” I did it all- answered the phone, scheduled appointments, took payment, submitted insurance claims, balanced the books, marketed, etc. Once ownership changed hands, I had a staff to work with… and train!  Being in the business of people is such a dynamic process. The ups and downs, the emotions of working with an all-female staff, the frustrations of non-compliant patients, the frustrations of clients not showing up for massages, and the responsibility of providing for employees… wow! In the almost 6 years of being a “boss” I have to say THANK YOU to everyone that has worked for and with me. I have learned so much and I continue to learn daily. Every staff member, employee, and independent contractor has contributed to the growth of Body Logic. Whether through the growth of our valued clients and patients or through the lessons learned by making mistakes and working through misunderstandings, without you I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Let’s fast forward to May of 2012… the addition of Dr. Scott, to whom I owe my biggest thanks. He may have thought I was a bit crazy for taking on the endeavor of owning a practice, but his support, guidance, and motivation contribute to the drive behind my ability to continue progressing. Not only am I lucky to have him as my partner in life (as of October 2012), but as my partner in practice. His extraordinary skills as a doctor have helped Body Logic provide superb care to the Virginia Beach community and he will continue to do so for many years to come.

13177769_1167542083291141_1618743795356653104_nOver the last four years, our Body Logic family has continued to grow. More and more people are experiencing the compassion and healing that our office provides. Our personal family has grown with the addition of Abby, now 2 years old. We had the pleasure of watching Monica, one of our former massage therapists grow her family, with the addition of her daughter, Cameron. Lastly, Whitney, Body Logic’s Customer Experience Coordinator, welcomed her daughter, Naomi, in September 2015, who is fast becoming one of my favorite patients. And we’re not satisfied yet… we want our growth to continue!


We announced on May 1, 2016 that Body Logic will be moving to a new location. We have reassured the community that it won’t be far. If you’ve noticed the construction next to Tractor Supply behind the Food Lion across the street, you found it! We will be renting 2003 sq. ft. (over 400 sq. ft. more than our current office). The change in location, change in office design, and continued drive to support others in achieving their health goals, will allow us to help even more of our beloved Virginia Beach community. A few exciting features will include: space for education purposes which will be available for one-on-one or group settings, a private office for me to further my clinical nutrition practice, and updated equipment to further enhance your experience at Body Logic.81adff40-32a1-427f-8679-4568aa7ed018

As my introduction to our progression blog comes to a close, I realize that I have so many stories to share. It will be a bitter sweet goodbye to 2004 Sandbridge Rd. Suite 103. I will be eternally grateful to the Wernicks for their support over the last 7+ years. As a person and as a doctor I have changed so much, but I have not lost my passion to help others obtain a healthier lifestyle. We will continue to provide updates as we transition into the build-out phase of construction (tentatively July) and will share the final moving date once confirmed (tentatively September). It’s going to be an exciting few months ahead. I extend heartfelt thanks to everyone for their support as I continue to dream… there are only good things to come!

-Dr. Amanda

The NEW ADDRESS will be:  2090 Princess Anne Rd. Suite 120, Virginia Beach, VA 23456

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