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Nutrition Resources at Body Logic

The science of Nutrition is a complex, fascinating, and developing area of study. As a population, we are making it more and more complicated on a daily basis. Here are 4 factors that have an impact on an individual’s nutritional status:

  1. We are living longer and taking more medications, yet our general nutritional status is declining rapidly. The evolving world of pharmacology is on the rise and it’s an area of study that pushes the limits and, unfortunately, leaves a lot of questions unanswered. For example: it takes on average 12 years to develop a new drug and have it ready on the market for physician’s to prescribe. Yes, medications are a scientific miracle that often allow the human race to function for longer; however, we do not know the long term effects since studies are not required to be conducted long enough to find out  AND medications do not provide nutritional value, but instead often lead to nutritional deficiencies as a result of the sometimes unavoidable side effects. The more medications a person takes, the more complicated their nutritional status becomes…
  2. One of the most frustrating factors for the general population is the lack of nutrients in today’s food. Sadly, our vegetables today do not have the same nutritional value as our vegetables 75 years ago. This is a result of poor farming practices that result in faster production, but less time for mineral restoration. Additionally, the significant amount of genetic modifications that our country allows can result in not only nutrient-deficient foods, but also foods that may contain toxic chemicals to the human body. When our food doesn’t contain the nutrients it once did, where do we get it from?
  3. The misinformation of the media is one of the greatest challenges we have as health care providers. One day you may hear that a
    vitamin is the best thing for you, then, you may hear that same vitamin may be harmful. Unfortunately, the health-related information provided by the media is usually incomplete and inaccurate. It is very important to keep in mind that the people behind the media articles about nutrition often have no clinical experience or any experience in the healthcare field. Yahoo news, for example, should not be a source of nutritional information. We recommend that do your own research. Visit and validate the sources of information, read how the study was performed, and don’t hesitate to ask your health care professionals for their opinion. We are educated to work through the media mumbo-jumbo and find the facts.
  4. Society’s obsession with the quick fix… this is where we complicate it for ourselves! Who doesn’t want a magic pill to fix all of our health problems? Unfortunately, that doesn’t exist. Reaching health driven goals requires an individual to work hard and make tough decisions. We often need to ask our friends and loved ones for support since they can frequently sabotage our efforts. Making changes requires a mindset that will be strong, even in the most difficult times. Do you have it in you??

At Body Logic, we want to help make it easier for you. We want to provide you the right information with the motivation to take control of your health. The complicating factors don’t go away, but we can provide you with tools to overcome the challenges. Not only is it the mission of Body Logic to help each individual reach their personal health driven goals, but it is my personal mission is to help educate and empower people to make the appropriate decisions for themselves and their families.

What do I offer? I bring an open mind with a lot of experience. Not only have my personal health challenges motivated me to learn more to help others, but the specific degree that I completed took my education to another level. The following link is an introduction to the Master Degree in Applied Clinical Nutrition: body_logic_photographs-14 that I completed, graduating in 2009.

The excitement of the NEW Body Logic office space… in our new location scheduled to open on October 12th, I will have my own office that will allow for more formal Nutrition Counseling. With the design of the facility, I plan to bring new testing measures, group and individual educational classes, and hours specifically dedicated to nutrition consults. We’re excited to help YOU!!