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Ways to Train for a 5K for Non Runners

canstockphoto23335394As the weather gets nicer, our thoughts begin to turn to being outside more and more. Spring can also be an ideal time to start something new. For many people, this means wanting to start up a new workout routine or signing up for one of the many 5K events that pop up when the sun begins to shine.
Every morning, you probably see people out running and although they look like they are enjoying it, flashbacks to high school P.E. class come into your mind and suddenly your thoughts of YOU running go out the window. Fear not. We have some ways to make training to run much easier than you think and help you reach your goals.

Phone Apps
Most of us now use a smartphone to help us manage all that life has to throw at us. Did you know that is can also help to motivate you and track your workout progress as well? Most phones are now enabled with a pedometer and/or GPS capability so it can assist in tracking where you run, how fast you run, and even give you preset programs to help train you. Some great running apps include Couch to 5K, Runkeeper, and Map my Run.


Another techy way to motivate yourself to reach your goals is with fitness gadgets. Pedometers are a great way to make sure that you are moving throughout the day. In addition, companies like Nike, Fitbit, and Garmin has developed gadgets specifically for tracking your runs, times, and even allowing you to do fun challenges with your friends and family who also use these gadgets.

Running Group/Partner
Chances are that if you’re goals are to start working towards a 5K, that you’re not the only person you know who would be interested in pursuing this. Ask your friends and family if they would be interested in training for a 5K with you. Posting on Facebook that you’re looking for a training buddy may be a way to do this. Also, looking on Facebook or going to sites like and searching ‘running’ will connect you with groups in your area with people willing to run with you. Making it social keeps you accountable and connects you with people in the know.

Running Coach
If at any point, you feel that you’re unsure of your running technique or just want to get some good foundations for your training, it may be a great idea to seek professional help. Ok, not THAT kind of professional help – help from a running coach! Having a running coach can help ensure that you are breathing, training, and running properly to avoid possible injury and help to achieve your goals.