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Which Massage Should I Get?

One of the unique perks about coming to Body Logic is the variety of massages you can choose from. When you call to schedule an appointment, our friendly front desk staff will ask you “what type of massage do you want to book?” That can be hard to answer if you don’t know! Here’s a quick breakdown of the massages offered at Body Logic with a little description to make it easier to know which massage will be best for you…

Swedish Massage

A Swedish Massage is the classic style that is performed with the purpose of increasing blood flow and relaxation. The massage therapist uses long, rhythmic motions to lengthen the muscles while the client is able to relax or even fall asleep. Stressed out?  Difficulty sleeping? Interested in the health benefits of massage for challenges such as Diabetes or High Blood Pressure? A Swedish massage can be quite powerful, especially when done on a regular basis. Click here to learn more about Body Logic’s massage membership program.

Integrative Massage

An Integrative Massage is Body Logic’s signature style. The massage therapists have the freedom to utilize different techniques to accomplish the specific goals of the client. While there is typically an area of focus based on the client’s needs, a full body massage is still possible. Need to work out that pesky “knot?” Tired of your low back hurting when you wake up in the morning? Or having trouble looking over your shoulder while driving? An integrative massage is probably your best choice. About 90% of our chiropractic patients are encouraged to pick the Integrative Massage as a part of their treatment plan for best results.

Deep Tissue Massage

A Deep Tissue Massage is recommended for the purpose of focusing on a particular muscle group or region of the body. It is very infrequent that the whole body is addressed during a deep tissue massage. It’s important for the client to realize that “deep” tissue refers to reaching the layer of muscles that lay beneath the superficial layers. It does not necessarily mean the massage therapist will press harder or firmer. It is always important that the client tell the massage therapist how much pressure is liked during a massage. Battling a chronic injury? Need to work through the cause of an altered running gait? Book a deep tissue massage the next time you call!

Sports Massage

A Sports Massage is a great way prepare for or recover from a race or other strenuous exercise. Stretching is utilized during a sports massage after the muscles have been warmed up via a Swedish or Integrative approach. Loosening the muscles up prior to an event can help prevent injuries. Increasing blood flow and stretching after an event speeds up recovery and prevents repetitive stress injuries from developing. Getting off the couch for your first 5K? Training for your next marathon? Or going to the gym for the first time in years? Let a sports massage help you attain your goals.

Prenatal Massage

A prenatal massage is exactly what the name represents, a massage while pregnant. There are many health benefits to getting regular massage during pregnancy, including reducing blood pressure. The massage therapist uses pillows and alternate positioning for the client to lay comfortably during the different stages of pregnancy.  Keep in mind that massage is discouraged until after the 1st trimester is complete  Needing a break from the aches and pains of pregnancy? Or want to give the perfect gift to your pregnant wife, friend, or daughter? A prenatal massage can help tremendously during the exciting preparation for the addition to the family.